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A new skin has been added in honor of the season! Also, Brackenridge Manor has opened it's doors! The butler has some words of warning for you.

Cordially, Icarus
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Regular Forum Welcome!
So ya just fell off the turnip truck and are new to AHS? Well, introduce yourself here! Tell us about yourself, likes, dislikes, a/s/l, whatever.
Anyone Miss me? Dec 21 2017, 09:05 PM, By Panda Doll
Topics: 324 Replies: 3,264
Regular Forum Free Talk
This is where you can talk about whatever you want. I do not care, just no racial slurs or anything like that.
The Post your picture thread. Jul 6 2016, 04:01 PM, By dancingcrane
Topics: 1,110 Replies: 25,051
Subforums: Games, Creativity Corner
Regular Forum The Bathroom Stall
AKA Dil Cosby Suites: Threads For You And Yours AKA Ryu's Big Book of RPing AKA The Forum Formerly Known as Party Reporting. AHS' all in one resource for RPing, here you post advertisements for storylines or RPing requests or even just request help improving your RPing. You'll also find general help topics that will hopefully help you out during your time at AHS!
The "Wanna RP?" Thread. Jun 27 2018, 08:33 AM, By Saki
Topics: 606 Replies: 5,787
Subforums: AHS presents
Regular Forum Contact the Staff
If you want to yell at us admins for something, then do it here. Put your requests, complaints, and questions here. Praise is also welcome...
Defence in 2K18 is aberrant though Apr 19 2018, 01:33 AM, By 4Rsercom
Topics: 421 Replies: 988
Subforums: Banned/Suspension, AHS Suggestion Box
Regular Forum General Ideas & Suggestions
If you have an idea that you want everyone to see, ideas you want to discuss and go over in a public forum, then this is the place! Any ideas or plot suggestions you have can be posted here.
Cameos May 30 2015, 08:56 PM, By Zank
Topics: 24 Replies: 113
Regular Forum Advertising Forum
Any advertising for other boards or sites can be placed here, regardless if you're a member or not. GUEST FRIENDLY
Sengoku Horizon Jul 7 2016, 09:54 PM, By Lord Massacre
Topics: 293 Replies: 376