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A new skin has been added in honor of the season! Also, Brackenridge Manor has opened it's doors! The butler has some words of warning for you.

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Rules of the Chat, updated on 06/23/10

1. Tell Us Who You Are!
Once you enter our chat, we ask that you please "/nick" yourself with your board username(well, something that can identify you - if your username is ICouldn'tThinkOfSomething SoHere'sMyWittyUsername, /nick to something like "Witty," or "ICTOSSHMWU."), or if you are unregistered, the name you intend to register with. If you are a passer-by prospective member just checking out the community, please identify yourself as such, if asked.

---If you don't /nick within a reasonable amount of time, usually about five to ten minutes(or, you know, when we notice you), any staff that is present has the authority to kick you from the channel. This time limit is voided once you start chatting; if you express refusal to identify yourself, you will be kicked on sight. We will not "guess" your identity, so don't play that game.
Repeated offenses will result in a ban.

---If you are unfamiliar with IRC commands, typing the command "/nick Example", with no quotes, will give you the nickname of "Example". It's very simple!

2. Play Nice!
Be nice to the other people in the chat. If you're normally a jerk in real life, do us all a favor and restrain yourself while in the channel - you know the saying; if you can't say something nice, or don't say anything at all; therefore, if you can't say anything nice while you're in the chat, just leave. Good natured ribbing is acceptable - outright rudeness is not.

---If you're a pervert, GO AWAY D<
Hah, just kidding. Most of us are too - but please, if someone is uncomfortable with the language being used, or any topic being discussed(and believe me, we've had some doozys) at any point in time in the chat, be polite and clean up your language, or change the subject. If you're asked to stop, stop.

3. What? I Can't Hear You Over All These Links!
Please, it gets very, very hard to follow the flow of conversation if someone is tossing in link after link into the channel - especially those extremely long eBay auction links. If everybody is discussing something that involves said links, by all means, stick 'em up - and one every so often is okay, too - but if everybody is talking about something completely different and all of a sudden "D: LOOK AT ALL THESE COOL TRANSFORMERS TOYS *LINKLINKLINKLINKLINKLINK*"...
...That's a little annoying. If you must share such a treasure trove, please use the website http://tinyurl.com/.

4. Wait, What? Why Was I Kicked Out?!
Probably because you did something dumb. Nah, nah, seriously though - the staff members in chat(otherwise identified by the "@"s by their names, or the "Channel Operators") have full authority to kick you for anything they deem inappropriate that is not outlined clearly on this page. If you don't know why you were kicked, I would take a long hard look at this page.

If you still don't know, you may PM the staff member on the board, and politely ask their reason. Please do not storm back in and demand to be told why.

---If you believe a staff member has been abusing their power and you were kicked simply for the lulz(in other words, for little to no reason), please inform an administrator(easily identifiable on board by their yellow names) or the board owner, Ryu, identified by being the only member with a red name.

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