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A new skin has been added in honor of the season! Also, Brackenridge Manor has opened it's doors! The butler has some words of warning for you.

Cordially, Icarus
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Ryu's Area

I'm mostly just putting this here to see how many people read this. If you read this message, PM me or tell me in chat with the message "This message was sent by Old Pink, care of the Funny Farm". Also, I'm working on getting some avatars in the RO Sprites avatar folder. So...yay?~Bored at Work, Ryu

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Posted by Dark Prince (Principal) at Jan 10 2017, 01:26 AM. 0 comments

-Shakes off dust, cobwebs and spiders off-

Hello Peeps! For those who are new I welcome you to our little corner of the internet. For those of you who have been around for a while I'm glad to see your faces and to everyone I apologize for my extended sabbatical. As some of you may know I'm a tech in the military and part of my job requires me to move around, I've traveled a little over twenty times in the last two years and some change sometimes for short period of times other times for months or longer. This has made it very difficult for me to be an active and productive member of this site. Sadly all I can ask is for forgiveness and a opportunity to pick up where I left off.

Right now I know for sure I won't be moving around for the next five months or so, I got some crazy ass work hours (12 hour shifts every day of the week) but i'll do my best to carve time for the site, I want to bring AHS back to it's former glory. Back to the days where typing Anime High School on any search engine would have us pop up as the first option before any anime.

Overall my main mission is to stay fun, I feel and I don't know if you all agree that we strike a good balance between freeform and structure, where imagination can take your to great places, where anyone can be the hero and everyone can tell their story be it one of heroics or the simple zany adventures of a common joe, your not chained or forced to fallow something.

That's why I love AHS, that why I love the world YOU all have build. From the secret organizations, to the close nit family's of packs, the lore of races or deeply personal stories of each individual character. As long as I can I will keep this place alive, I will.

Your obedient servant,

Popular Opinion

Posted by Icarus (Assistant Principals) at Oct 15 2015, 08:40 PM. 2 comments

I just wanted to know, should we keep it as a special occasion skin, or keep it available permanently?

An Update to the Roster

Posted by Icarus (Assistant Principals) at Oct 9 2015, 09:42 AM. 2 comments

So, uh... Apparently I'm an admin now. I'm honored to be trusted with the responsibility, and I promise I'm going to give the board and all of its players the attention they deserve.

Just to keep it short and sweet, if you ever have any questions or suggestions for us, I check the Contact the Staff forum every day. I'm looking forward to giving you guys what you deserve from AHS.

Custom Race Update

Posted by Icarus (Assistant Principals) at Aug 22 2015, 09:57 AM. 0 comments

Good morning everyone! We on the Admin team have been in talks for some time about certain questions raised about new characters for custom races. Some of us remembered how things were done, but some of us felt things needed to be clarified, especially for new players of even newer characters.

That being said, there is really only one change. We've clarified that powers necessary to any starting character of a race are now classified as "Race Specific." Any other powers given to a race are "Supplemental," or basically pre-approved powers that any character of that race may freely apply for.

Why are we doing this? Because the confusion lay here: any powers listed as Race Specific only take up one power slot on the initial application. This leaves each character one additional slot for either a power uniquely theirs, or one of the Supplemental powers. Any owners of any Custom Race, we ask that you be patient with us as we move forward to implement this.

But Icarus, does this mean I have to go back and change my character's powers if things change for their race profile?

Not right away, no. In fact, if your character only ever applies for unique powers, you won't have to change a thing. However, if they want one of the Supplemental race powers, then we will require that they help toe the line and update them.

Please, don't hesitate to ask questions of your Admin team. My personal Skype is AbsolutPrime, and the AHS Chat is always a great place to find us.

To access the AHS Chat (using Skype) copy the below text into your browser and hit go, this will bring up a prompt to open the link via skype, doing so will grant you access to the chat group.


The End of the MSL

Posted by Aithne (Assistant Principals) at Dec 17 2014, 02:41 AM. 0 comments

So with those last posts from Nid, we're wrapping up that part of the MSL. I'll probably be doing more soon, but its time to break off and do individual posts for all those effected by what happened. We'll reconvene in a bit for more stuff from the baddies and possibly other stuff to come! Thanks all who participated, it was pretty awesome <3

MSL Line up!

Posted by Aithne (Assistant Principals) at Nov 20 2014, 07:39 PM. One comment

Yokohama(Currently the only base that has accessible powers!)


Kawasaki(No powers upon entering the facility)


Shibuya(No powers upon entering the facility)


The school(The school currently has powers, but the invasion must be pushed back before they can get their equipment set up)

The school thread can be joined by anyone who's hopping onto the MSL last minute. Feel free, more the merrier.

2014 AHS Census

Posted by nid-vaeda (Teachers) at Jan 24 2014, 02:31 AM. 30 comments

To help better serve the AHS community we (the staff) request that you all fill out a small questionnaire about your characters. We will use this information to make better story lines that pertain closer to the make-up of characters that are active, as well as allow us to clean out those that are no longer used.

Grade: (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior, Graduated, or Not Enrolled)
Power Classification: (physical, mental, magical)

Physical: Any power that deals with modified physical attributes (super strength, wings, enhanced senses, etc.)
Mental: Any power that deals with enhanced cognition, special training, or mechanical/electronic devices.
Magical: Any power that does not fit into either of the previous types.

Power Description: (a brief explanation of the character's powers)

The deadline for this will be February 28th.

New Year In Old one out

Posted by Dark Prince (Principal) at Jan 11 2014, 07:30 PM. 0 comments

Happy new year's guys and gals, I hope that these first few days of this new year are treating you all kindly, now I'm not going to waste your time with sweet nothings and let's get down to business. So what is the new year's bringing to the table? Honestly a lot, maybe more than we can handle in one year, and I love it <3 before I go on though let me drop a quick recap of the happenings in the last year and a half or so give or take a few months.

Recap <3
Two thousand twelve marked a moment in history for the meta-human community. While many were partied out from Halloween, a force sweep right through the globe. This group struck pivotal points in the meta-human community, in Japan the points were St. Liliana's Academy For True Human Excellence and Anime High School, the oldest formal institution of the meta-human kind. The number of lives lost were numerous. The uproar in the community created a chaos and uncertainty that put a great strain on government. Moreso, this attack not only provoked metas, it plastered their existence around the world. The terrorist who claimed fault hid in the shadows, while calling those murdered children monsters and their deaths warrented, as the schools were plotting to overtake humanity. The general public was not ready for the unveiling of the meta community. The governments of the world managed to salvage many of their crippled alliances by scapegoating SEARAPH, the secret metahuman police force. This lead to SEARAPH's disbandment. The terrorist force took the opportunity to storm the weaken SEARAPH and wiped out remaining key members to make certain its demise. When the riots occured in the metahuman city of Domino, there was no SEARAPH to stop them. The riots were brought on by the Mayor's mistaken choice to kick out all humans from their city. She had done it to protect her citizens against a veiled threat, but it backfired and chaos ensued.

At great personal risk, Principal Mori and a group of parents, students and faculty members obtained the resources required to rebuild the school. Due to the riots in Domino and the looming thread of another attack, it was decided that a new location should be used for the safety of the students. Rebuilding and fortifying an abandon island resort, the school once again opened its doors to students to learn and control their powers. This school is now called Searchlight Academy

Like I mentioned a lot of new and hopefully exiting things will happen this year one thing some of you might see is the beginning of a new classes.

One of our fellow members has initiated a nice little job fair project which you can fine here. There's more to come but I'll be announcing some of those thing as the time draws near.

Upcoming Events!

Posted by Aithne (Assistant Principals) at Dec 3 2013, 06:40 PM. One comment

So I know everyone's busy with school and finals and what not...but there is light at the end of the tunnel! Winter break is coming for alot of people, and we should get motivated to do some stuffs around here!

First off, I'd like to throw another Winter Ball. It gets everyone together and gives those students a good relaxing, yet exciting formal event.

I will also be doing another Secret Santa for the event! Send me the character name and what they would contribute(just like powers, it has to be something one can buy -even on the black market-, but otherwise, needs approval! Shotgun is okay, Shotgun that shoots fairy dust is not), then, during the event, see who gets the gift and their reaction!

So come, bring a date, or don't! Spike the punch, be merry! You won't know what could happen unless you show up!

Another event I'd like to do and is in the works, not so joyous an occasion, but I'll need at least five or more participates. We'll see how that goes, I don't want to spoil too much, but I can tell you that the Anti-Meta mentality is far from over.

So I'll have the Winter Ball up very, very soon, Hit me up with those presents!

Pick the New Name Thread!

Posted by Tsukare (Teachers) at Jul 22 2013, 02:24 PM. One comment

Alrighty, the staff has looked at the 20+ submissions for the new school name, and chose 6 that we generally agreed would be an acceptable choice. All the submissions were pretty good, the winning name will be chosen based on this poll from the 6 names the staff has chosen. The winner will be announced during the Grand Openning Festival. So it would be a good idea to keep your eyes on that, maybe even join in the fun.

I'll keep this poll up until August 18th (or until the staff believes we have a reasonable winner). That should give everyone plenty of time to make their decisions. And with no more adeu, have at it. ^_^

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