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Topic Started: Aug 25 2008, 01:47 PM (4,876 Views)
AHS Staff
AHS Staff

Requirements: Staff approval based on good citizenship. 2nd + characters or NPCs only.

Origin: You may call it a quantifiable energy structure, or the reality that is god that flows through all forms, or karma, or even simply god itself's chosen. But the fact is, angels have to come from somewhere.

Doctrine: For an angel to be created, it requires a purpose. Any purpose will do. Protecting a being, eating a burger, inspiring an artist for a grand work. This is their prerogative, their goal, the very meaning of their cause and existence. When they are manifested they are aware of this goal, and they grow sentient with every ounce of free thought and the abilities to think and process as an adult human would.

They are given free will.

Because of this will, they have some say in how they fulfill such a purpose. At least, to some extent.

Physical description: They do not have control over how they are manifested from pure energy. They might end up as a greeting card, a pool of blood trickling down a statue, the statue itself, a bullet, the wind, a rabid dog, a greeting card, or even a seven foot tall man with seven wings and eighteen penises. They have no control over it. But they are given a form in which they can perform the task they are given. Even if it must be done in a unconnected way.

Misconceptions: This itself will be a short explanation on why there are so many different theories about angels, beliefs and causes for them to only to exist in the winged variety in fiction. Because angels are preoccupied with their manifested task and frankly dont care about explaining themselves or the working of their world to any living being.

Population: Unknown, possible in the millions, or in the single digits. They themselves are kept unaware.

Powers: Each angel is a manifestation of energy. So it would go without questioning that they would be able to use and alter their energy to perform actions that are hereby mentioned as 'miracles', just to keep the vernacular proper. Now, that does not mean angels are all powerful. They are already manifested at the top of their gain, to use a miracle is to take energy out from their own being and thusly subtract from their greater being. Now, just existing weakens an angel, as it takes its own energy just to continue to operate. This means that any angel that does not finish it's purpose and continues to be on earth, will decay into a tiny weakling incapable of even the most basic of actions.

Angelic being (Required power): Now, angels arent alive as you know them. They do not require food, drink, or rest to continue to live and operate. It would take them more energy to process a meal then they would receive from consuming it. This means they can continue to exist without any outside cause until their energy dries up. Along with this it means they generally dont have any part of their body that is really in danger of being hurt. While yes, destroying its head will dissipate it's manifestation, and every damage it takes must be rehealed and remainfested from it's own energy. Making it so that any angel can simply sustain enough average damage from stubbing it's toe, to kill it if it is clumsy enough. However simply impaling the angel will not do much. An interesting fact, is that an angel no matter it's form is connected to the life force of all other sentient beings, no matter how much 'evil' lurks in their hearts. Because of this, whenever they inflict pain onto another being, they will feel that injury as if it was forced on them.

Purpose (required power): While not a power in itself, each angel is created with the knowledge and reason for it's existence. This is where that purpose will be plainly stated.

Miracle(s): This is the section for the varied types of powers that an angel might be able to perform. These can be from as meager as creating a light, to a healing touch, to making it rain herring. The only difference is that these abilities simply cannot be used to harm others in itself. Yes, falling fish is fine, as would be creating a disease that can infect people into believing they are decade old assault chickens. However angel's miracles can simply not be setting someone on fire, or firing lightning out of their hands, or some form of super punch. Their powers are not to be used to directly harm a being. That is for the objects of mortal men.

Now, there is a precedent for angels that after giving free will, have rebelled and purposely gone against their purpose. These are the Grigori, now, dont get any big hopes up for these folks. While they have chosen to not fulfill their manifested purpose, that does not mean they have free rein. In fact, their bodies will degenerate, at an increased rate if they continue to use their abilities or physical assertions. A Grigori might sit still, eyes closed for untold centuries and continue to survive, or perform a single action after ten minutes of life that would destroy it's being. These people are not liked by other angels, nor are they encouraged. They simply do happen and are given no special treatment. If anything, they are weaker then their faithful cousins.
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Supplemental race profile.


Now. For the basics.

Angels are made out of pure manifested entities. For them to create a lasting biological incursion into the human realm in a permanent way, it destroys them. It forces them to demanifest and return to where they come from. Yes, to even have the chance at impregnating a human or giving birth to a half child, it destroys the angelic form.

Biologically a half angel isnt different from a human. In their body the organs, blood types, muscle index and even growth are nearly identical to that of a human. The only difference is a spike in a natural energy that can be misidentified as 'chi', or 'ki' or whatever the locals are calling it these days. Basically inside the blood stream there is the constant flow of extra energy. The biggest problem is unlike a regular human, this energy does not regenerate. The body does not produce it's own energy, and instead it only has what it has. Later on we will describe this energy as 'belief' but for now, just call it energy.

Psychologically speaking, angels tend to be much more destabilized, their personalities much more vulnerable to rather common human deficiencies. They will more easily fall into states of depression, envy, delusion of grandeur, and hallucinations. These do not have a steady physical cause, but are inevitability of crossbreeding a non corporeal being with biological matter.

For powers. A half angel is of course hindered by the biggest flaw of their higher parents. Any damage they deal, either physically or emotionally to a being, they will feel themselves. This makes fighting a little hazardous when you punch a person and you feel like you got punched. This is non negotiable.

Their powers are based on energy. Manifestations based on the energy that flows within them. As said earlier, their bodies do not produce more. What they were born with is what they get. However, there is one way for half angels to gather more power. To instill belief. Belief, like anything else, has metaphysical properties, that energy can be siphoned off and absorbed. However to do this, the half angel needs to produce a massive array of hope, something that inspires and appeases the weak and endangered at once. Saving someone from a mugging, not going to cut it. Stop a rushing hoard of demons to save an innocent village? Just might.

Besides the source of their power and the energy involved, the powers themselves vary greatly from half angel to half angel depending on their purpose and past. Purposes mind you, are also something rather shattering, a half angel is not innately born in a sense of what they are to do. What ends up happening is a heavy hallucination, one in which they believe the universe (or god, depending on their prior religious affiliation) is trying to tell them what to do in life. This can go as far as having Jesus come down and talk to you, to eating alphabet soup and reading it. The only truth is, there is no real physical body to it.

Like other angels halfs are required to have a purpose. There is no such thing as an angel love baby. Which probably helps stem the psychological problems, knowing that your parent didnt actually love your other parent, or even like them, or you. It was just their job. Also, angel rape. Angels never said they had to be nice.
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This custom race has been [[updated]].
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