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Races & How they work!
Topic Started: Jul 29 2013, 11:13 AM (2,250 Views)
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Kare Bear

Are you tired of the same old stuff!? Playing Meta-Humans and Regular Humans. Want to spice up your life with a new race? Want to apply for a character of an existing race? Well your in luck, I'm going to tell you how you can get your very own Alien, Fairy, Symbiote, Moogle, Moonian, Nekojin, or any other strange and fascinating creature!

First thing to know is that you DO NOT have to apply for a new race to create a character of a new race. HOWEVER, you do need to apply for the race to reap the benefits there in. What are the benefits of having a character from a custom race, well I'll tell you.

First and foremost you get an extra power starting off. After that, your character is member of that races society, this allows them to join special threads and story lines dealing ONLY with those races. Races have minor powers (about as powerful as a normal starting power), and Major powers which are usually more powerful than a normal starting power.

Ok, now how do you make a Custom Race character? Well, you got three options, you can pull from the races that have already been accepted, you can apply for your own race, or you can make an individual from a new race without having to apply for the new race. Keep in mind, however, that with the third option you only start with your normal 2 powers.

When applying for a new race, you must have ATLEAST three users interested in making a character of the new race. After the race is approved those people have 7 days to put up an application or WIP of the new character. One the 8th day if three applications aren't readily visible the new race will be revoked.

When applying for a character from an existing race, you must first contact the owner of said race and ask for permission, than you must do whatever tasks are necessary for applying for that race, and put the character up for approval as normal. With staff-owned races you must put a request for the race up in Contact the Staff, other than that all processes are the same.

Having a custom race character is a privilege, NOT a right. Keep in mind, that if you abuse any of your characters, or use them in a way unbecoming of a member of the site, the staff have the sole authority to deny or revoke any character or power based on our sole discretion. Even those which have already been accepted.

With that said, in the post below is a list of Races, a link to them, and the names of their owners. All Staff-Owned races are categorized separately, keep in mind that this list may change at any time. New races may be added, old races may be removed.
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Kare Bear

AHS Staff-Owned

Emotional Spirits

Member Owned

Kitsune - Lord Massacre
Lycanthropes (Werewolves) - Panda Doll
Moonian - Lord Massacre
Replicons (NPC ONLY) - Nid-Vaeda
Symbiotes - Tsukare
The Stitched (Dark Sides) - Mittens
The Afflicted - Aithne
Celestials - The Dude
Nekojin - Newlight
Edited by Aithne, May 25 2015, 05:06 PM.
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