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Topic Started: Jan 10 2017, 01:26 AM (935 Views)
Dark Prince
Member Avatar
Call me cute again...

-Shakes off dust, cobwebs and spiders off-

Hello Peeps! For those who are new I welcome you to our little corner of the internet. For those of you who have been around for a while I'm glad to see your faces and to everyone I apologize for my extended sabbatical. As some of you may know I'm a tech in the military and part of my job requires me to move around, I've traveled a little over twenty times in the last two years and some change sometimes for short period of times other times for months or longer. This has made it very difficult for me to be an active and productive member of this site. Sadly all I can ask is for forgiveness and a opportunity to pick up where I left off.

Right now I know for sure I won't be moving around for the next five months or so, I got some crazy ass work hours (12 hour shifts every day of the week) but i'll do my best to carve time for the site, I want to bring AHS back to it's former glory. Back to the days where typing Anime High School on any search engine would have us pop up as the first option before any anime.

Overall my main mission is to stay fun, I feel and I don't know if you all agree that we strike a good balance between freeform and structure, where imagination can take your to great places, where anyone can be the hero and everyone can tell their story be it one of heroics or the simple zany adventures of a common joe, your not chained or forced to fallow something.

That's why I love AHS, that why I love the world YOU all have build. From the secret organizations, to the close nit family's of packs, the lore of races or deeply personal stories of each individual character. As long as I can I will keep this place alive, I will.

Your obedient servant,
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