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Death of a Tyrant; Chibi, Panda
Topic Started: Jan 15 2017, 08:50 AM (200 Views)
R3b0rN Wolf
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The theater, a place where people go to relax and enjoy a show. A place for people to appreciate the arts, to enjoy acting at it's core and whether it be a comedy or tragedy it would still be an enjoyable show for the audience. Today was different as money provided by Drogo and manpower provided by Raina would ensure that their trap wouldn't involve civilians. The idea came from an unlikely source, a man named Joshua, he had led Gale to search for a meta-human named Wulf. In the end Wulf would be here at this show and that meant he was out of hiding again and that Gale was tracking him.

At the theater all the actors had been replaced with members of the Yakuza as well as people in the audience. Besides them there were other individuals, brought here for a desire to rid the world of Gale. Among the others were the target, Wulf, two mercenaries known as Shade and Death, three of Gale's children, The Russian Abel and his wife to be Hirokiri, the former Green Bomber Cain, and one of Raina's people, Dawn.

"Think we got enough people? Pretty sure we can kill him on our own. By the way, where is Ryu?" Shade spoke softly to his partner, Death.

"I, didn't tell him what we were doing, you know he would have planted bombs all over the place and blow us sky high along with Gale."

"Good point." They quickly took their seat next to Wulf.

"Good to see you again Death, I'm only doing this because I don't want this guy to be watching me all the time." Wulf spoke softly to his old friend.

In the back of the theater Abel and Hirokiri were getting in their seats. Abel had a large trunk with him, in it was his massive rifle. "Gale is finally going to die, I can feel it." He spoke to Kiri and it was clear how excited the Russian was, to finally have his chance to kill his mortal enemy.

Outside the theater with tickets in hand was Law and his two sisters, Ethna and Athena. "Do you think this plan will work?" Law and his sisters had an interesting relationship, they shared a father in Gale, but he was also nothing to them after he had ordered them to kill each other. They all turned on him because in the end they loved each other and their love went further than that of siblings. They had finally found a place where they weren't judged and they finally were open with each other.
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~ Chibi ~
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Athena looked at the theater and swallowed. She was here with her brother and sister, her lovers. They were in a incestruous triangle and accepted for it. Her light blue hair was braided back. Her rainbow eyes were worried but firm. She wore a black bodysuit that highlighted much of her physique.

"Hopefully. With the amount of people here, I don't see why one can't kill him."

Kiri chuckled amd placed her hand on her husband's arm. Her black hair was in a pony tail. Her red eyes were bright amd she wore jeans and a hoodie.

"Well he deserves it. Have you see your brother?" She looked for Cain, wondering if he was there yet. She was sure he was having problems leaving his wife and kids.
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