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Once Upon A Time...
Topic Started: Jan 23 2017, 06:14 AM (142 Views)
Dark Prince
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Call me cute again...

The Wolves
My lycans are all different, in spirit and personality. Ken is the oldest his adventures numerous, heís travels through timelines and has a lot along the way, yet heís a positive ball of energy compared to Nyx who is known for his brash and troublesome attitude. He has a very direct approach to anything he does, heís known to crash into the wolves den every once in a while bringing hate and discontent with him.

The last two werewolves are Vy and James there is not much to be said about James, he hibernates sleeping off the days and the nights, not much is known since he recovered from his injuries. Vy on the other hand tries to be a closed book, heís a full blooded werewolf born into the life, yet he feels he has a lot to prove, specially to his brothers and sisters of the pack.

The Behemoth's
There are many kinds of Behemothís, but we will talk about the Outsiders and well those from the island. On one hand you have Iriko, born and raise amongst the meta-human community, he has a sense of justice thatís gotten him in more trouble than itís worth, identifying himself more by his meta blood forgoing his Behemonth heritage. On the other hand you have Trigger, born and raised in the island aware if his heritage and proud of it. Joined an expedition in order to discover the wonders of the world and earn his place. Lastly you have the Prince of the Seventh Isle, High Lord of the Order of Ravens, Son of Agmar The Savage, the Dark Prince or simply Yulian who happily lives as a substitute teacher far away from all the politics of his race, enjoying passing knowledge and helping others.

The felines
When people think of people with feline features the first one to come to mind is usually Nekojin. Wherever it is due to ignorance or lack of exposure its is unknown. Races like Werecats or Moonians like Echo. Talking about Echo heís a mooning who came to earth in order to find a relic that was stolen from his clan, the strong warrior might still be learning the many earth customs, but he has managed his way through the many difficult obstacles of being in earth. Now Artemis heís a full fledge pure blooded Nekojin, and a very talented mechanic. He might be a little odd and potentially in a couple of watch lists due to his hobbies but he got a good heart.

Lastly we got Nero a Nekojin without knowledge of his linage and bloodline having being raised as a human due to the effects of a spell that was meant to protect him. Heís slowly discovering his true linage while trying to find his missing friend

The Reave Bloodline
A couple of years ago there was a student, his cruelty was well known. He had two personalities, the actual host Requiem who had to fight to keep control and Ark a soft spoken, manipulative spirit who hid his true nature. Requiem eventually won the war for his body and just to spite the spirit took the name Ark, though for the most part heís better known as Pride. Pride moonlights as a detective keeping the spirit world and the human world separate, ultimately his goal is to find the spirit that once tried to steal his life.

This spirit attempted to achieve immortality one way or another, his next target was the youngest member of his bloodline Peter, a body with great magical potentialÖ

Atlas - Cyborg
Eli-The Mirror
Terra - Group Zero
Tim- The Tinker
Xerox- The Living Weapon
Silver- The Joker
Winters - Vampire
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