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Red Solo Cups; Open
Topic Started: Jul 13 2017, 12:00 PM (383 Views)
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Nowhere Man
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The night was finally here, everything was setup and ready. Any unnecessary furniture had been moved or taken away to make as much room as possible. Super strength had made the move to a temporary storage unit quick and easy. The living room was bare, save for a chocolate brown couch and love seat set that paired nicely with the simple oak coffee table between them. In the kitchen there was a white folding table that had been cleaned and set up with cups ready for games. On the kitchen counter were a pair of orange drink coolers filled with ice and a mix of "juices" that Dain had carefully prepared while Kirien was away. Sitting in front of the fridge was a long white ice chest filled with "sodas" and other "light" drinks.

Since the occasion had called for a better-than-normal looking home, Dain had also decided he needed a better-than-normal looking appearance for the night. He had picked out his best pair of black jeans, donned a red and black checkered button down shirt, and had shined his nicest pair of tennis shoes. As if that weren't enough already, Dain had also gone as far as taking the time to style his hair. After almost an hour's worth of combing and shaping he was finally able to fluff out a respectable pompadour with impressive height and overhang. All things considered, the young man was rather impressed with his look. The only worry he had was whether or not his girlfriend Misa would enjoy it.

No word from Kirien yet though, Dain figured he was either in his own room preparing for their event or he had gone out to fetch his "plus one". The two boys had spent a couple of days handing out fliers and invites around town. Neither expected a very huge crowd, but both had agreed it might be better to prepare for more than a small gathering. The few who had accepted an invite had been told to invite any others they knew as well. When Kirien had given him a cross look at the number of people Dain was trying to fit into their place he'd simply reply,"The more the merrier." Then grin and laugh as he continued to plan out more ways to tick his best friend off.

Dain's evening was already planned perfectly. No matter what, he'd get some well deserved time with his girlfriend. He wasn't sure if Misa had ever been to a proper party, one with loud music, people bumping shoulders, and "soda" games. He was excited to spend time alongside her and some classmates. The two of them had spent some time out and about and had attended some social gatherings, but it had been some time since their last get together. It should be fun. It'd be fine. He hoped it would be fine.

Dain moved over to a speaker he had left at one end of the, mostly clear, living room. Attached to a wire that connected to the box was an old phone Dain had replaced a year ago. Best to use it to play music instead of his personal cell, just in case it came up missing. He opened the music app Pandora and selected one of their "Party Playlists". There wouldn't be any need to worry about ads either, as Dain had forked over the cash for their premium service long ago.

Now it was just a matter of waiting for people to start arriving. Worst case scenario, he'd crash his own house party cuz nobody came.
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Kirien: "Wanna go a round..?"
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Kirien's eyes fluttered open. He rolled over in bed and sighed happily. He couldn't really recall the dream in full, but it was a happy one that he didn't want to wake up from. He let his eyes close again, mentally trying to grasp what was so great about his dream but it was no use, the fragments had slipped from his mind like sand through his fingers.

In the end he figured it didn't really matter, the important thing was that he had a good dream and had awakened in a good mood. It had been an excellent idea to take a nap before the party started. He was worried when Dain had suggested the idea to throw a party in the first place because, knowing Dain, things would probably get out of hand rather quickly. So Kirien decided that he'd rest up just before things got started in order to be alert, refreshed, and able to handle anything this night of potential rowdiness might throw at him. To that end he simply set the alarm on his phone and lie down for a quick…

Kirien's eyes snapped open.

"Oh no…"

His hand shot out to grab his phone and he sat up, squinting to make out the numbers on the entirely too bright display.

An hour late.

"How could this happen!!?" His fingers were a blur as they retrieved the alarm he had so carefully set.

"I set it for AM!?"

He couldn't believe he could possibly have been dumb enough to set his alarm to go off in the morning instead of the evening, but the proof was undeniable. With a desperate outcry he threw himself out of bed, only to get caught up in his sheet and faceplant squarely onto the dorm room floor.

There was no time to feel the pain however. Leaping up quickly, Kirien scrambled into the bathroom, crashing around for a few minutes in a desperate attempt to get his hair under control before spinning through his room like a tornado while pulling on a pair of blue jeans and a black under shirt. He grabbed his favorite blue and black checkered button up shirt and was halfway into it when he dashed past Dain in the living room on the way to his shoes by the door. And those were halfway on before the door closed behind him.

He was an hour late. That meant that she was probably already…

Kirien suddenly stopped, blinking. He turned and sped back to the room door, flinging it open just enough for Dain to be able to hear him…

"Your hair looks ridiculous!"

The door slammed again and Kirien sped off down the hallway at lightning speed.

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Phanphan hurried through twists and turns between buildings, intent on the chase. That thief had stolen what was hers and they were not going to get away with it! She cut corners, avoided obstacles, and kept her eyes trained on her quarry, her senses on high alert as the distance closed. Three meters... two... one! With a shout of triumph, Phanphan pounced on the thief and brought her knife arcing through the air. She stabbed, and stabbed, and stabbed again until with one last cry, the thief fell to pieces on the ground. Phanphan picked up her stolen treasure to tuck it back in her bag, a precious... carrot.

Her goal accomplished, Phanphan teleported back to the city, logged out of the game, and closed her laptop. She'd had just enough time to get in another level before Kirien was supposed to pick her up. Standing up from the desk with a stretch, Phanphan moved around the room to finish getting ready, and checked the time on her phone as she unplugged it. She could have sworn the boys had said the party started an hour earlier, but they must have changed their minds when they had the flyers printed. She was still a little surprised Kirien wasn't here already, but maybe it was taking longer to set things up than he expected. Phanphan combed her fingers through her hair once, ascertained that her sparkly black shirt and favorite yellow skirt were still presentable (and sparkly), and headed toward the door for her shoes.

She looked at the flyer pinned next to her calendar extolling the party's time and place and shook her head with a grin. Why Kirien felt the need to escort her when she had walked to the boys' place on her own many times before was beyond her, but she hadn't argued since he was clearly almost as excited about this party as Dain was. Though with Kirien, it did seem to be more of an excitement to do battle, and with Dain... well, she knew better than to take his excitement at face value. If he didn't have some kind of stunt up his sleeve to annoy Kirien, then the sky would probably fall down. It really was a measure of how much she loved the guy that she didn't team up with Dain to accomplish greater feats of Kirien-baiting on a regular basis.

She was looking forward to this party too, though. It seemed like ages since they had all hung out together in one place, and any excuse to convince Kirien to dance with her was an event to be excited about! She admired the boys for being willing to invite people they didn't even know; it was not something she was outgoing enough to do herself, nor could she really envision going to a party like that unless Kirien was going with her. Still, she was hopeful that the greater population would be less shy and join in on the fun. Free drinks, putting off studying, and meeting new people had been advertised, who could say no to that?

Final preparations made, Phanphan opened the door so that Kirien could walk in when he arrived. She was startled to find him on the other side, having clearly sprinted up that very moment. He looked out of breath, rather rumpled, and his face was a bit red in a rather distinctive pattern, like he'd walked into something... Phanphan squirmed, guiltily aware of exactly how Kirien's face tended to look when that happened, before gathering her wits.

"Everything okay, Kirien? You're right on time. ...Or are you just that worried about leaving Dain on his own for five minutes?"

Shaking her head again at the mysteries of the two boys, Phanphan scooped up the extra large box of pocky she'd bought to bring to the party. She had no doubt in their ability to provide snacks, but it had been such a good excuse to get the strawberry that was on sale in mass quantities.

"All right, let's go see how many hundreds of extra people Dain invited!"
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Deimos had a hard time tracking down his two siblings. Not to mention he didn't know where his boyfriend could be. He texted him a few times and told him about the party and hoped he'd come. Heck for all he knew his boyfriend could have already made it to the party while he was playing the usual game of finding the siblings. He already knew he'd have to carry Nero since the Hybrid boy couldn't run yet. "And they wanted to come and make friends." He said as he ran like crazy. He turned the corner of the school building and...


Deimos collided with something that felt like a 4 foot wall that sent him backwards onto his butt gasping for air.

"Oh it's you brother!" Said the talking flying animal.

As he gasped he looked and sure enough it was his sister and the not really 4 foot but 3'6" like wall brother "Where..... were you?..." He noticed that Nero was holding Teter's clothing. The question should have been why? However, his brain was to busy telling his lungs how to get air into them again.

"Well, we wanted to get there before you but.... we got lost and I thought to turn into my animal form and fly up high enough to see if I could see where it was but.... my wings gave out just after ten feet." That would explain why she was resting on Nero's head.

The teen stood up and patted his butt off. "Never mind... just change back and quickly."


"Brother, are you sure Nero's not to heavy?" Teter asked as she was holding Deimos' hand and being forced to run too.

He shook his head. Nero has a great hold on him with his hand locked around to the front of his neck and his feet squeezing the hell out of his sides. "Nah! I'm your guys big brother I can carry him with no problem!" He was doing his best to keep the strain out of his voice. 'Like hell he's not heavy! The squirt may be small but he weigh tons. But I can't tell either of them that.'

They made it to the door and just hoped for things to go well. He let Nero down and his body almost screamed with relief. Teter straightened her pink with purple ribbon dress while Nero gave off the faintest look in his golden/Orange hued eyes. However, that was barely noticeable. Deimos scratched his head. 'I really hope everything goes alight.' With that as he thought, he knocked on the door.
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