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Utsuro Takami
Topic Started: Jul 25 2017, 09:34 PM (51 Views)
Applying- Utsuro Takami
New Student
Name: Utsuro Takami
Keyword: 1611T
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Grade: 11
Height: 5'6"
Race: Human(?)

Appearance/Clothing: Utsuro Has long white flowing hair that reaches down to her waist, which she tucks behind her ears to prevent it from getting in her face and blocking her vision. She also has stunning red eyes, which seem to glow if they catch the light just right. Oddly enough, both her eyes and hair color are completely natural. Despit being far from mandatory, Utsuro prefers to wear her school uniform, which consists of a stylish brown blazer, white undershirt, and a dark green skirt, along with white stockings and black shoes. She wears her uniform often, even when not attending school. She often uses her looks to intimidate others, most often those who annoy or harass her, by untucking the hair from behind one of her ears to cover one eye, which can make her red-eyed glare incredibly intimidating.

Traits: Loner, bookwprm, intimidating, somewhat friendly, non-agressive.

Story before enrollment: Utsuro has always made people wary about her appearance, as well as the strange things that occur around her. Usturo was born with highly unusual white hair and red eyes. Her appearance leaves many to believe she is a meta-human, though concrete proof is yet to be found. Growing up, Utsuro was kind and friendly. She was nice to everyone. She was friends with everyone. But she was too trusting for her own good. One day, a boy in her class asked her to follow him, and, being the overly trusting girl she is, she did... Into the boys bathroom, where a group of his friends were waiting. I'll let you connect the dots. Afterwards, the kind, friendly girl that once was was no more. Utsuro was now cold, and seperated herself from the world, using books as her escape, using her red-eyed glare to scare off any who come close. A few days later, the boys were found with serious, non-life threatening injuries, ranting about a red-eyed demon. Any chance of this being Utsuro's doing, however, is the fact Utsuro was in class at the time, and couldn't have ben near them during this time. Another strange series of occurences is that the majority of meta-humans identified in her area have awoken in Utsuros presence. Today, Utsuro has become somewhat more friendly, and is finally starting to reconnect with the world, even though she's still the girl with no friends.

Powers: Unknown
It is unknown as to whether or not Utsuro is a Meta-Human. If she has any powers. If she does, there are two likely abilities and one unlikely ability.

Likely Powers:
Long range powerful telekinesis. This would explain how those boys were injured despite her being in class.
Awakening. It is entirely possible that Utsuros presence triggers something that awakens Meta-Humans' powers.

Unlikely Power:
Meta-Human creation: It is unlikely but possible that Utsuro has the ability to create new Meta-Humans by changing normal people into them, which would explain why so many Meta-Humans awaken around her.

None of the above abilities are confirmed, however, as it is unknown as to whether or not she is truly a Meta-Human or not.
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