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Long waited wedding; Chibi
Topic Started: Nov 10 2017, 10:22 PM (1,071 Views)
R3b0rN Wolf
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It was a wondrous day as this was the day that two lovers would be joined together by marriage. Dameon loved Aurora and wanted her to be his wife, for him to be her husband and a lot of effort went into this event despite it being a smaller gathering. They had friends and family there to celebrate with them. Dameon was so nervous that he sweating. Fighting monsters in the forest were nothing compared to this to him.

The guest list wasn't too long as they didn't need a big wedding. Jacob was there and had brought Natalia and two year old Nikolai. They were dressed up nice with even Nikolai wearing an adorable tuxedo. Stephen was there as well he had come with Adrianna but right now he stood there alone since Adrianna was helping Aurora get ready. The other guests included Luna and her husband Cain as well as there children Alex, Diana, and Malachi. They also brought one more child with them, the young boy Sam who had lost his memory and was living with them.

Adam was there was well with Stella and Nova. This was far different than their own rushed getaway wedding. There was a newer face there as well as Nite was the only one not dressed normally as he wore multiple layers and a big winter coat. Drogo and Janelle just arrived as well by sports car. He moved to get the car door for her and escort him inside.

There was another guest as well, but of the uninvited kind. Outside of the building was a Japanese man wearing a full suit. He definitely looked like a wedding guest based on his appearance, but to be honest he could care less about the wedding, he was here for another reason. This guest didn't want to fight or cause a disturbance however despite showing up uninvited.
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~ Chibi ~
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Aurora was nervous and she was trying to keep everyone from feeling it. Dressed in a strapless a line gown, she watched as Luna did her hair. Adrianna was gathering the bouquets and preparing things. Aurora's black hair was placed on a curly bun. Tendrils of curled hair framed her face.

"You are beautiful!" Luna exclaimed as she slid in a flower into aurora's hair.

"Thank you," Aurora said blushing.

"Everything is ready in here," Adrianna announced as she smoothed out her emerald dress. Her blonde hair was short and she had a green husband in it. Her heels clicked softly as she walked.

Aurora grinned. "Great. And the boys?"

"Stella, is checking on them." Adrianna assured her.

Stella knocked and waited for Daemon to answer. Aurora had opted with just a maid of honor and a best man. The twins were helping because they had volunteered it and knew how the girk wanted it. Stella was at ease knowing that Adam had Nova. The infant was an easy child for now.

Luna's own children were with their father and Adam. Diana and Alex were playing with Nikolai as Malachi insisted on playing with his father. Though he was newly interested in Nite. He kept waiving at the bundled up boy.

Natalia was settled in the chair as she watched her son play with the twins. They were some of the oldest there. The rest were still young and Niko free quickly. She was there with Jacob. Their odd relationship had settled in quietly.

Janelle looked at the small place as they entered. Aurora and her were good friends but they were rather different as well. Janelle waz dressed in a soft blue dress with sleeves. Due to her recent shocks, she was never far from Drogo. If she was it was never too long.

"It's so pretty in here," Janelle said.

In the hallway, Aurora's mother chased down Lilly, who decided to run amok in her fluffy flower girl dress. She was giggling and waving her arms. It was decided her basket would be handed to her last minute.

"Gamma!" Lilly giggled. She was completely safe and knew all the adults in the building. Anyone of them coukd grab her and she would know that he was safe.
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R3b0rN Wolf
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Dameon heard the knock on the door and answered it. He saw Stella and then looked at her nervously. "How does this tie thing work?" He was nervous yet happy, but he never learned how to wear a tie before and he wanted to make sure he looked good for Aurora.

Nite waved back at Malachi as he noticed him waving at him. Cain noticed it too and moved over to greet the boy. "Hi, how are you? I'm Cain and this is Malachi. Mal, say hi." Cain was kind and straightforward. He had keen eyes and very good perception. He wanted to know about this new boy.

"Hello, my name is Nite." He spoke politely and bowed his head. There were faint bits of frost on his hair, it was obvious that he was freezing and that was why he wore layers of clothing to keep warm.

Jacob sat down with Natalia as they watched Niko play with Alex and Diana. They had a strange relationship, and he wasn't sure what to call it, but he was happy so long as he was with her. As they say together he put his hand over her's, wanting to see of she would hold his hand. It was a small romantic gesture that this time wasn't completely sexual.

Drogo smiled as he walked in with Janelle. "Do you want to get married in a place like this or something more extravagant?" Drogo had always been one about making big appearances, using his wealth to his advantage. With Janelle things were different though, he just wanted to make her happy and love her, he wasn't flaunting hos wealth but simply using what he had to give her a smile as best he could.

Outside the Japanese man was having a cigarette before he would go inside. He was taking a risk by coming here but his options were running thin. He was hoping to not cause a disturbance but he knew that the people here wouldn't trust him.
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~ Chibi ~
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Stella laughed and stepped into the room. She closed the door and reached up to adjust his tie. It was tied and straightened up. It paid off to have a high class twin who required them to dress up from time to time.

"It's alright. Luna requires Adam to wear one from time to time and he had issues with them as well," Stella said remembering how they first met back in school.

"Hi!' Mal piped up waving and clapping his hands. He was excited about meeting new people. "Snow!" He knew certain words at his age but he couldn't form complete sentences.

Natalia gave Jacob a smile. "Don't you want to see your brother?" She asked giving his hand a squeeze. She never saw marriage in her future but she wouldn't scoff if another wanted it.

"I can't see having something extravagant. Honestly I'd be fine with a simple beach wedding in a simple dress," Janelle answered him as she looked around. "Or even a spring wedding in a garden. I guess it just depends on the time of year."

Janelle was a simple woman and often chose to show it. Her schooling was almost over. Normally she was in her school uniform except for at home. Simple things kept her happy but she never strayed far from his side.
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