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Lunch Guest; Sting
Topic Started: Jan 15 2018, 09:25 PM (276 Views)
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~ Chibi ~
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Adrianna was grinning as she settled at the table. Stephen was with her and no one knew why they were here. Except for her. Beside her sat a medium sized present wrapped in a silver wrapping paper. It was a present for the people that were meeting her and Stephen.

Blonde hair was pulled up into a pony tail and her emerald eyes were bright. She wore a simple yellow dress and white boots. Her coat sat on the back of her chair.

"I hope they come soon," Adrianna told Stephen as she looked at him.

Janelle looked at Drogo as they drove. She was just beginning to get over the flu and she wasn't sure she was ready to go out but she couldn't tell Adrianna no. She had taken care of her since the collapse of the school and she lost her memories.

"You sure you want to go?"

Her brown hair hung around her face and her blue green eyes were dull with sleep. She really wanted to go out to see if it would help her feel better for a bit. She wore jeans and a flowy top under a black coat.
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R3b0rN Wolf
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Drogo shrugged at Janelle's question. "Well, she seemed adamant about having lunch with us. If you don't feel good at any time we can leave, but we should at least make an appearance." He spoke softly as he drove. He wasn't told anything outside of them just having lunch. Drogo himself however was naturally suspicious, he assumed there was more to it than simple lunch. Of course he would be bad at his job if he couldn't predict people's behavior. Although he still had no idea what Adrianna wanted to have lunch with them for.

Stephen wasn't told anything as well, just that they were going to have lunch with Drogo and Janelle. Although he was just happy to be spending time with Adrianna. It wasn't often that they had much time off with their busy schedules. She was a doctor and he was a med student and an intern. He smiled brightly as they waited for Drogo and Janelle. Before long a sports car was pulling up as Drogo and Janelle had now arrived.
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~ Chibi ~
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"Yea," Janelle agreed and took his free hand. The small restaurant Adrianna had chosen was adorable and she brightened at the sight of it.

"Oh! This was the place I was telling you about the other day! The one with the takoyaki bar!" Janelle was excited now that she connected the pieces.

Adrianna saw them pull in and smiled. They were there and soon they could discuss a few things. "Oh... I forgot to get a cake," she said and pouted. "Do they serve cake here?"
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