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It's Electric!; Open
Topic Started: Jul 4 2018, 08:24 AM (40 Views)
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Master Saki QuizGirl!

Blink...blink, blink...blink, cough, blink, blink, "Ughhhhhh".

Keiko blinked her eyes a few more times in an attempt to focus on the underside of the table above her. Sliding her hand underneath her head she felt where a small lump had already begun forming. Groaning again she swiveled her head to the side, trying to remember what exactly she'd done to end up flat on her back covered in and surrounded by shards of thin, sharp glass.

Directly next to her lay an empty box that read: LED BULBS 40CT in big, bold, neon letters.

"Ohhhhh, crap...." With the grace of someone who recently caused an explosion, Keiko shot into a sitting position and winced as some of the glass dug into the skin of her exposed arms and hands. Luckily, she had decided to wear her long, jean overalls that day, effectively shielding her torso and legs. Still, the sting of glass reminded her of exactly what she'd attempted to do...

One Hour Earlier:

Keiko had spent the better part of the day littering campus with wanted flyers. What, exactly, was it that she wanted? Well, one or two willing participants in what promised to be an electrifying experience! The flyer promised a free meal to anyone willing and able to participate in an experiment that would require them to briefly come into contact with the inside of Keiko’s mouth. She knew how strange it sounded but how else was she supposed to test and expand her power if she could never get anyone near her mouth?!

Ah well, on the flyer she listed the address of a lab within the school where she had set up shop for the day and hoped for the best. While she waited, hoping beyond hope that one person would show up, she busied herself by stocking the room: First aid? Check. Defibrillator? Yikes, but check. Snacks. Yum, check! As she reached the end of her list she spotted it on a shelf, the macguffin itself: the box of LED bulbs.

"Huh..." she huffed out in thought as she pulled the box closer for inspection. Turning the box over in her hand a memory flashed of a character in a movie putting a lightbulb in his mouth only to have it fill with light. A curious smile broke over her face as she pulled the top of the box open to reveal six, pearly white bulbs nestled safely inside. Picking her favorite one she held it up to the light for further examination while considering her options.

"I've never really tried to electrify an object before. Though, I guess I never really tried to electrify anything before...just sort of happens. Maybe if I..." without bothering to consider the ramifications, Keiko pulled the metallic end of the bulb to her lips and wrapped her mouth around it curiously.

For a moment, nothing happened.

For two moments...nothing happened.

Just as Keiko was about to give up, she accidentally brushed the metal rod with her tongue and it was as though someone had flipped the switch to ON. The light was weak but it was there! It. Was. On!! She'd managed to fill the bulb with light just by swiping it with her tongue! Curiosity peaked, she flattened her tongue and pressed it to the bulb, wincing at the metallic taste. Steadily the light began to brighten, and as it got brighter it began to feel as though her mouth was full of pop rocks. Pop, pop, pop!!

When the light got too intense she squeezed her eyes shut and reached to pull the bulb from her mouth. Time seemed to accelerate from the moment she closed her eyes. "MmmffooOoooWWW!!" her cry came out muffled as she pulled back her burned hand. Jeez, that thing was hot! In her haste to get it out of her mouth she stumbled backwards and tripped over her own two feet. Wanting to catch herself she released the box of bulbs into the air as she went crashing down. Instead of catching herself on her hands she caught a stool with the back of her skull. On impact the electrical currents in her mouth surged causing the bulb between her lips to explode.

As darkness engulfed her she felt the rain of glass as bulbs smashed on the ground all around her.


Slowly she brought her hand to her face and brushed against some dried blood on her cheek. A few slices here and there but nothing too damaging. Swiping her tongue across the back of her lips Keiko tasted the metallicky tang of blood from where the bulb had exploded in her mouth.

Well, definitely not her greatest moment. Buuut...she had to admit, it was pretty cool!! A huge smile broke out on her face as she slowly stood. Yeah, so maybe it hadn't one hundred percent worked out but at least she had made some sort of progress!!

"Now if I could just control that I'd be set, ha."

Placing a steadying hand on the work table she was previously under, Keiko looked around at the wreckage and started scanning the room for a broom.
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